Sgombrotto (Mackerel)

Mackerel fillets

Cleaned and packaged by hand, Sgombrotto fillets are in their natural long shape in glass jars or cans, preserved in olive oil. 
For their nutritional and organoleptic properties, they are an excellent main course with a remarkable content of proteins, minerals and omega 3 and the additional value of a delicious and appetising taste.

Mackerel grilled fillets in olive oil

Mackerel fillets, natural source of proteins and naturally rich in omega 3, are even more delicious after a light grilling and preservation in olive oil.

Mackerel fillets in brine

Following a high demand from the market, we produce plain mackerel fillets; this product, a speciality for connoisseurs and those who combine love for wellbeing with a healthy and balanced style, is available in glass jars to show the perfect and neat flesh of the fillet, prepared and arranged in the container by hand.  
Plain Sgombrotto is well liked by children and adults alike, it is recommended for those who want or must follow dietary regimens.

Mackerel chunks

The company has designed this product to satisfy the needs of many people who thought that having mackerel in a form less refined than fillets would be useful to prepare sauces, canapés and salads. 
So this market suggestion has led to the Sgombrotto pieces in a glass jar, ready to be used in many culinary preparations. 
A better value than fillets, these pieces feature the same quality, flavour and nutritional properties of fillets, but satisfy today’s need for convenience.


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