Yellowfin Tuna Fillets in Olive Oil

Delicate tuna fillets, carefully selected, steamed to boost tenderness and aroma, arranged in olive oil by hand and ready to be served and tasted on their own or in thousands of ways just following your creativity

Yellowfin tuna fillets in brine

For those who want to enjoy the flavour of tuna fillets without any addition there is Plain Tonnotto. Perfect tuna fillets packaged by hand, one by one, fresh, authentic and featuring all the best organoleptic features of this extraordinary food.

Yellowfin tuna grilled fillets

A new speciality of the gourmet selection Tonnotto L’isola D’Oro range: the naturally refined yellow fin tuna fillets become irresistible when grilled and preserved in olive oil.

Tonnotto Gourmet

Appetising and original, tuna pieces with chilli pepper, and garlic and parsley are perfect for the most demanding consumers and to give an extra touch to every occasion.

Tuna chunks in Olive oil or in Sunflower oil

Super soft tuna pieces preserved in olive oil to keep all their flavour. Perfect for quick snacks, suitable for any need and any dish ranging from appetisers to main courses, they are always aromatic and ready for use to please your creativity.


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