Sardines in sunflower oil

The L’Isola D’Oro sardine fillets are a big achievement for the company that has done justice to this oily fish through the manual preparation and care normally used for anchovies.
This fish features the same organoleptic qualities of the anchovies and the slightly large size gives fillets a juicy and pleasant texture, a true rediscovery for all!
The different types of glass containers offer the flexibility of choosing one’s consumption target based on different needs.
The sardine fillets are available flat, rolled, rolled with caper and chilli pepper; the preserving liquid for different types and sizes is sunflower-seed oil.

Sardines in sunflower oil

All the flavour of sardines wrapped around delicious capers for an appetising and original treat.

Sardines in sunflower oil

A spicy and original taste, suitable for any occasion to accompany an aperitif or as a starter.

Sardines pieces in sunflower oil

Sardine pieces are perfect for thousands of different uses ranging from the topping of pizzas and canapés to the preparation of complex recipes.


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