All the goodness of sardines
to taste as you like them

L’Isola D’Oro sardins are a 100% Italian product.
Sardins are rich in Omega3, Gluten free and Gmo free.
We use first quality row material only, respecting the ecosystem and oceanfloor, according to the agreement with Friend of the Sea and MSC.
Our sardins filets are are enterely worked by hand and placed one by one in their containers in the oil.
Pulpy and juicy, flat or rolled, even enriched with herbs and spicies, they may be enjoyed in several dishes, on a pizza or on a buttered slice of bread.
We offer a large choice of traditional tools as well as innovative ones directly tuned to meet customers’ desires and demands,
both outdoor and home needs.
Our catalogue lines are oriented to the retail as well as to horeca markets.
Our business story is based on transparency which is immersed in thousand-year old Italian culture and tradition.
The same that has been driving us for 70 years.


L’Isola d’Oro sardine fillet jars in the various retail and food service packs highlight the importance of this oily fish that has always been such staple food to be compared to bread.
Often confused with anchovies, sardines are actually larger and the large size gives a pleasant juiciness to fillets when tasted.
Sardine fillets have a powerful nutritional value that is a perfect companion to their taste. Being prepared by hand, the finished product looks even more appealing.
They are excellent served with boiled meat or to stuff paninis and top focaccias. They can be added to a Caprese salad or to a cheese platter.
They are a must on a piece of hot homemade bread rubbed with garlic and sprinkled with oil: their amazing aroma will make the tasting irresistible!

Product line


Sardine are the most used oily fish in the world. It is also known as “bread of sea”. The manual processing, by hand, and the careful selection of the raw materials make the taste of the finished product a joy for the eyes and a delight for the palate. The hand-processing cycles of these sardines occures with the same steps as the anchovies. The sardines are slightly large in size than the anchovies.

Sardines fillets 90 g
Filetti di sardine 90 g
Sardines fillets 160 g
Sardines fillets
with red hot chili peppers 160 g
Sardines fillets
with capers 160 g


Fillets of sardines have a vast culinary and gastronomic potential: suitable for pizzas, focaccia and finger food but also a flavour base for pastasauces, an enhancer for sauces such as tuna or eggs-garlic-parsley. Also a superfood, for rich winter and summer salads. They offer an important nutritional contribution in Omega3, proteins, and mineral salts. Preservation, first in salt then in oil, makes them naturally good and ready to use.

Sardines fillets 300 g
Sardines fillets 700 g
Sardines fillets 1700 g
Sardines pieces 1700 g


A product for Connoisseurs, in line with the market demand, the salted sardines, with bones, are offered in 5kg tins for large consumptions.

Salted Sardines 5 kg