Salted anchovies in can and anchovies fillets in jar

A new excellence in the L’Isola D’Oro catalogue are the tender, fleshy and aromatic Salted Anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea, the world’s best organoleptic quality. The whole production and packaging of this refined product is carried out by hand following old artisan traditions. The refined fillets in glass jars are made in Sicily. The containers of salted anchovies are made in Albania, where work development policies have been implemented to make excellent finished products at prices that are accessible for consumers. Fishing and salting take place in Spain, in the region of Cantabria, where due to the environment, protection and sustainability policies (biological rest periods) and the cold and clean sea, fish can grow bigger in size. Preferably anchovies caught from April to June are normally used for our products and sizes; indeed, the anchovies caught before laying eggs concentrate fat in the eggs and semen so the product will feature a fuller taste and absorb salt more easily thus resulting tastier. The three packaging types satisfy different market needs and people’s demands whilst always keeping top quality. In particular, the 1 Kg pack, the first and only one on the domestic and international market in food-grade plastic, has been designed to contrast the natural decay of tin caused by salt and to make the product easier to use on the part of consumers.

Salted Anchovies

The full, unique and intoxicating flavour of excellence

Anchovies fillets in Jar

the most amazing taste above sea level


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