Flat anchovies fillets

Tender and aromatic L’Isola D’Oro anchovy fillets are desalted, boned and cleaned by hand and with care according to tradition. They are accurately arranged in glass jars and preserved in olive oil to fully keep their aroma, authentic flavour and organoleptic features.

Rolled anchovy fillets

The best, flashier and juicy anchovies are accurately selected, filleted, rolled and preserved in olive oil to enhance the flavour in a single appetising bite. Packaged in elegant glass jars to preserve all their goodness.

Anchovy fillets with Hot pepper

Appetising, tasty and with that marvellous extra spiciness, these anchovy fillets with chilli pepper are an excellent variant to the classic taste of Aliciotte and a spicy new entry that will awaken your palate and give an additional twist to your recipe.

Anchovy fillets with Oregano and with Parsley

For all those who want something more, L’Isola d’Oro has created these tender anchovy fillets characterised by the quality and care that identifies the Aliciotte range, but at the same time they are flavoured with natural oregano or parsley for in intense and distinctive aroma.

Anchovy fillets with capers

All the care reserved to the best Aliciotte, enhanced by the enticing flavour of ripe capers. A perfect starter with a full and decided taste, a delicious encounter with Mediterranean flavours.

Anchovy fillets in Sunflower Seed Oil

Tasty, tender and fleshy anchovies, filleted by hand and preserved in sunflower-seed oil to give a milder taste to this valuable gift from the sea and keep its aroma and organoleptic features unchanged.

Anchovy pieces in Sunflower seed oil

Very practical and good-value, anchovy pieces are a convenient and delicious ingredient for thousands of recipes. Light and healthy, they have a particularly mild flavour, which is kept by the sunflower-seed oil where it is preserved.


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