Josè Amici - Chef L'Isola D'Oro 2019

Chef Josè Amici will be L’isola D’Oro’s reference chef for 2019 with one of his original recipes every month and his Christmas special in 2018!

He is the heart and soul of Monte2TorriGourmet, a food research project for a restaurant focused on local and historical traditions.

In Genzano di Roma, among the Roman Castles, the high cuisine techniques learnt from old masters and grandparents, as well as from famous chefs like Beck and Vissani, lead Josè Amici’s guests through a thrilling journey in flavours from the past and expertise from the present served on a countryside table thriving with unforgettable aromas and colours.

The food culture released by Josè Amici’s creations and the powerful poetry of memories are a key part of L’Isola D’Oro’s vision too. It indeed combines the tradition of handmade processes with the modernity of packs and product innovation. To conclude, it is worth remembering that in Rome, the cradle of civilisation for centuries, fresh and preserved fish, called Garum, played a key nutritional role for inhabitants and soldiers making them unbeatable, as playfully shown in the magic potion of the famous Asterix comics.

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There are many Chefs from different cultures and backgrounds who have share with L’Isola D’Oro new, original, unexpected and tasty recipes. Their expertise and talent are clearly visible in their culinary preparations, masterpieces of balance and flavours that you too can prepare, maybe adding your own secret touch, and enjoy!