Tuna and orange salad

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The weather is getting better and we don’t like to be in the kitchen for long time despite wanting to eat something delicious and healthy. This salad is fresh with a zingy flavour and it is perfect to take with you at work as well. You can prepare it the day before and it will conquer everyone with its sweet and savoury taste.

For this recipe I’ve used a jar of Tuna Fillets in brine with Ginger by L’Isola d’Oro that you can find at Fratelli Camisa online, a red Onion, if you are lucky enough to get hold of a Tropea Onion use it. I have used two Oranges but here again, it depends how many are going to eat this salad, just multiply the ingredients. Also I have used some dill for the dressing and some Extra Virgin Olive Oil, I’ve found this Agrumato Blood Orange infused oil which is perfect because it will add more flavour.

First of all I’ve started to peel the skin from the orange wedges collecting the juice in a small bowl to be used for the dressing and I’ve put the peeled wedges in another bowl.

Once all the wedges have been skinned and the juice collected in the small bowl, add salt, pepper, the dill and the infused extra virgin olive oil. You can also use a normal extra virgin olive oil obviously. Whisk it with a fork to mix everything.

In the serving bowl, slice thin rings of the red onion. Tropea onion should be the choice but a normal red one is fine. You might find Tropea onions at posh food halls and maybe some farmer’s markets.

Add the L’Isola d’Oro Tuna Fillets that you can see are very firm because they are kept in a glass jar and they have that delicate ginger kick.

At the end add the dressing and serve. The balance between the tuna fillets and the oranges is just right helped by the red onion. A perfect meal combining proteins and vitamins.