Josè Amici

Grilled mackarel Lampedusa ammojo style


1 jar L’Isola D’Oro grilled mackarel fillets in olive oil 300g
500g round ripe tomatoes
A bunch of Basil
2 spoons of Oregan
3 cloves of pressed Garlic
2 spoons Winegar
3 spoons Evo Oil
Salt q.b.
Peper q.b.


Once got out the mackerel fillets from the jar, drain off the oil then put the fillet on a serving dish.
Let tomatoes become cleaved in a pan or on a grid.
Go on with “ammojo” sauce that way: crush the peeled tomatoes in a bowl and add all the ingredients: basil, oregan,garlic,winegar,evo oil,salt and pepper.
When the sauce is ready, after you have well mixed all the ingredients, pour the sauce on the mackerel fillets and serve!