SARDACC160 Sardine fillets coils with capers in sunflower oil - Jar 160

The precious caper flowers surrounded by the sardine fillets that you will find in the classical glass jar 160g are a fresh way to interpret sardine fillets. Our sardines innovate and are easier to digest in a perfumed way.


The content of the jar can be used as a side dish for boiled meats, as an additional seasoning for a luxurious oil-dip fresh vegetables or as a gourmet filling for sandwiches and focaccia breads.


Average nutritional values per 100g of product:

energy kJ 815/kcal 196
fats 14 g
of which: saturated fatty acids 2,6 g
carbohydrates 0 g
of which: sugars 0 g
proteins 18 g
salt 8,90 g