SARD1700 Flat sardine fillets in sunflower oil - Jar 1700

This jar contains a large quantity of product, thus it is mainly suitable in situations where it has to be eaten in large quantities, but it can also fit to the consumption of a typical family of four persons.
The cylindrical glass jar offers the opportunity to admire the beauty and texture of the sardine filets, well cleansed and elegantly placed into the jar.


The fillets of sardine and anchovy by “L’Isola D’Oro” can be used in a similar way, being virtually “first cousins”.
Besides tasting as an appetizer or second course, combined with fruits and vegetables accordingly to the Mediterranean cuisine or physically processed in a more fluid or consistent texture typical of the molecular cuisine, the fillets of sardine can be eaten more prosaically as an easy snack or as enrichment of sauces, sandwiches, cakes, omelettes and bruschetta.
From this point of view, the fillets of sardine are definitely a versatile product, suitable for several uses, and, most importantly, always healthy!


Average nutritional values per 100g of product:

energy kJ 815/kcal 196
fats 14 g
of which: saturated fatty acids 2,6 g
carbohydrates 0 g
of which: sugars 0 g
proteins 18 g
salt 8,90 g