di Giovanni Rossetti

The Emperor’s Lunch


Boiled lentils


Baby squid

Bay leaf



EVO oil


Put a ladleful of boiled lentils, a tbsp of Garum in a blender and mix until obtaining a cream with firm texture.

Sauté the squid in a pan with EVO oil until the entire liquid has been absorbed, do not add salt, only a generous sprinkle of pimento. 

Blend to a semi solid mixture with type 0 flour, marjoram, bay leaf and pimento.

Cook in a non-stick pan.

Plate the lentil cream, the baby squid and the herb-flavoured bread.

This recipe enhances the extraordinary properties of lentils, the omega 3 unsaturated fats of the squid and the herbs contained in the Garum. This one-course meal, free from saturated fats and cholesterol and full of fibres, mineral salts, vitamins, unsaturated fats, omega 3 and amino acids essential for health can be part of a detoxifying, energy boosting and healthy diet.

Dishes from ancient Rome can still teach a great deal about a type of diet aimed at personal wellbeing.