Josè Amici

Ristorante Monte 2 Torri Gourmet

Platessa in gamberetti e bottarga


1 jar shrimps in natural juice L’Isola D’Oro 130g
A bunch of asparagus
1 jar bottarga L’Isola D’Oro 50g
4 flounder filets
10 black olives without bone
5 Salina capers
2 cloves of garlic
Olive Oil and salt qb
Half glass white wine


Take a wok a nd heat up softly some olive oil with a couple of garlic cloves and capers for about 5 minutes.
Blend with white wine for 2 minutes
When the water start boiling into a pan, add some coarse salt and put the asparagus cooking inside the water for a while (we say “al dente”!)
Transfer the flounder’s filets inside the wok with garlic cloves and capers cooked in olive oil so that they will mix! Add some asparagus’ water if needed.
Once the asparagus are “al dente”, drain them from water and use the green cooked vegetables to prepare a base for the main dish, like a dress!
After plating the flounder’s filets on the main dish, garnish with bottarga!