Ossobuco with saffron rice milanese style

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Carnaroli Rice
a bag of saffron
white wine
Anchovy in oil by L’Isola d’Oro

First of all I’ve dissolved the saffron in a small lukewarm water and put it aside for later.
I’ve cut the onion in very thin slices and also those have been put aside.
On the chopping board I’ve put parsley, the lemon peel, garlic cloves and the anchovy, and with the half moon shaped knife I’ve started to chop the lot in order to prepare the ” gremolata”.
After the chop I’ve put it in a bowl ready to be used with the meat.
In a terracotta pan I’ve put some Extra Virgin Olive Oil and I’ve heat it up. This one is for the meat.
In another terracotta pan I’ve put some butter ready to cook the risotto. As you can see I love terracotta pans and whenever I can I cook with them, they give a special flavour to food. Soups are delicious.
Once the butter is melted add the onion thinly sliced and soften them without burning them.
Now take the ossobuco steak and make a couple of cuts to the skin around it so that the meat won’t curl up while cooking.
Coat the meat in flour and now it is ready to start cooking it in the pan with oil. The trick is to cook the meat 1 hour before the rice so that they are cooked and ready at the same time.
Add a small butter to the oil and place the ossobuco in the pan browning both sides evenly.
Meanwhile remove some of the onion from the pan and put it aside for later.
.The rest of the onion stays in the pan and you add the rice stirring it so that it will become transparent.
Start adding the vegetable broth to the rice, ladle by ladle stirring so that the rice won’t stick and when the broth is absorbed put a bit more gradually.
Add the onion to the meat and then, add the beef broth and the wine, covering the meat completely.
Lower the flame and cover the pan. I’ve used one of those pyrex lids so that I could check if the broth was going to be added. Cook for 1 and a half hour, that’s why you need to start cooking the meat at least 1 hour before starting to prepare the rice.
When the rice is nearly ready add the saffron and stir it throughout, so that the risotto will have that beautiful golden colour.
When the meat is nearly ready, add the gremolata made with the garlic, parsley, lemon peel and anchovy. I did not add salt to either of meat and risotto because it was already in the broth and the gremolata has got the anchovy which is salted. Also you can add salt but you can’t remove it if it is too much.
It is ready. Your Ossobuco with Risotto Milanese can be served. The gremolata can be put on top of both, in the same plate for a unique meal. The anchovy by L’Isola d’Oro gave the twist to a traditional recipe adding flavour
The recipe is a bit long but it is worth the time.