Mozzarelle in carrozza

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The name of this recipe might be weird but it is actually a delicious fried mozzarella sandwich. My mum used to make it and it was a real treat. The ingredients are very easy to find in any supermarket and this makes a nice dinner meal in front of the TV. It must be eaten as soon as it is out of the frying pan.

For the ingredients take some Mozzarella from any supermarket, the basic range is fine, then one Egg, Flour to coat the bread, sliced bread and Anchovies Paste from L’Isola d’Oro. You can find it online at Fratelli Camisa.

I have cut off the crust from the sliced bread, and in case you can use this leftover by passing it in the oven and then blitz it in the blender for breadcrumbs, because we don’t like to throw away any kind of food.

Spread the anchovies paste L’Isola d’Oro on one side of the sliced bread, so if you have 6 slices of bread, just spread 3 of them. Spread it evenly because each slice will be cut in half.

Slice the mozzarella and put 2 slices on each slice of bread. It is better if the mozzarella is not very juicy if not the bread would be soggy before it is ready to be fried.

Cover with the other slices of bread and then cut the sandwich in half so that each half has got its own mozzarella slice.

Pass quickly the sandwich in the flour.

Then pass it in the egg, coating it carefully.

Make sure that the edges are coated to perfection so that nothing will escape during frying time.

Heat some vegetable oil in a small frying pan and carefully place the sandwiches when the oil is very hot. A nice golden surface is the sign that the sandwich is done and you can turn it on the other side.

After drain it on a piece of kitchen paper serve it and eat this delicious Mozzarella in Carrozza straightaway. But why this funny name? It is because the mozzarella is carried by the slices of bread so it is in a carriage. It was invented in Naples to use mozzarella not super fresh anymore so less juicy.