Fusilli pasta with mackerel fillets and cherry tomatoes

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Fresh Parsley
Cherry Tomatoes
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
a jar of L’Isola d’Oro Mackerel Fillets 


Chop the parsley. I always use my half moon shaped knives on a chopping board because nothing beats this kitchen tool when you chop vegetables.
Wash the cherry tomatoes and then cut them in quarters. You can use tomatoes on vine as well, Small tomatoes are rich in flavour. Meanwhile put a pan full of water on the hob and add some rock salt.
In a wok heat a bit of oil and then add two cloves of garlic and let them gain colour without burning them though.
Add the tomatoes and slowly cook them. They have to become soft and juicy and release some of their liquid.
Add the chilli and carry on with cooking. The sauce won’t be very spicy but still will have that kick.
Add the Mackerel Fillets drained from the oil and stir with a wooden spoon so that they will be seasoned by the tomatoes and vice versa. Meanwhile the water reached boiling point and the Fusilli have been cooked “al dente”.
After draining the pasta add it to the wok and gently mix it so that tomatoes and Mackerel are going to season it evenly.
Add 3/4 of the chopped parsley and give a last quick mix over the hob.
Ready, a final garnish with the left over parsley and you can serve it. For Christmas Eve is tradition to have a fish menu, so this pasta could be a nice first course, just few forkful, for something different