Golden Meat Loaf

• One 500g jar tonnotto

• One 90g jar rolled aliciotte with capers

• 350g potatoes

• 200g Ricotta cheese

• 80g Pecorino cheese, grated

• 2 eggs

• marjoram

• salt, pepper

• 30g breadcrumbs

• lemon zest

• extra-virgin olive oil

• mixed salad to serve

Boil the potatoes, drain, peel and mush them in the ricer. Add to the purée the crumbled tuna, the grated cheese, the Ricotta, the eggs, marjoram salt and pepper.
Blend the ingredients and form a meat loaf. Flavour the breadcrumbs with the marjoram and lemon zest, then roll the meat loaf in the mixture and wrap it in grease-proof paper.
Firm the ends and bake it at 180° C for 30″. Remove from the oven, open the wrap and moisten with 4 tbsp of oil and put back in the oven. Continue cooking for 30 more minutes to brown the outside.
Slice the meat loaf and serve, garnished with rolled anchovies with capers and the mixed green salad already dressed.


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