The beauty of a good thing

In art, Beauty and Harmony are connected. The same Harmony that results from tasting the goodness of the L’Isola D’Oro products. They are classic, as they are part of the Italian seafood tradition, and at the same time they are contemporary, because of the control of the supply chain, the focus on sustainability, the innovative packaging and recipes. The link between Beauty, Harmony and Goodness generates Balance, which you can see through the glass jars that speak for clearly visible quality, for the added value of the raw material and for the expert selection that is typical of handmade processes.

A wave of taste

Taste and Energy are expressed as a nourishing wave of taste and aromas from the sea, a cross fertilisation deriving from the long-lasting collaboration with Foodbloggers and Chefs; as well as naive and gourmand cooks of L’isola D’Oro fish preserves. A wave of taste that virtuously spreads on all on-line and off-line, social and traditional communication media, ranging from printed press to television, from exhibitions to stadiums, as well as educational and sports projects. Talking about the company through dishes and recipes is much more than a culinary proposal: it is passion that surges unbridled from the food itself!