An exotic touch for a new and delicious taste

If you are looking for a product that combines outstanding healthiness and nutritional balance without compromising taste; 
If you love seeking elements that go beyond flavour and recognize the well known antibacterial, disinfectant and aphrodisiac properties of ginger;
 If you are curious and charmed by the cosmopolitan and contemporary flair of the combination of tuna or anchovies and ginger; 
this is definitely your product!


The phytocomplex of zingiberene, gingerol, resins and mucilages that make up ginger render this spice a strong “Yang” tonic that stimulates blood circulation; this is why in China and Arabia it is considered a powerful aphrodisiac.

Cantabrian anchovies are considered the best quality in the world. The Fishing is done in Spain (Cantabria area) where the sustainibility policies (such as biological rest) combined with the cold and clean sea enable the fish to grow more in size. Once anchovies’maturation in salt is ok, masters in salt and workers process the anchovies by hand in Sicily where preserves’ seafood tradition is an Italian must! Different packaging and different sizes have been studied to hit several markets and customers’needs.
An MSC certification proves that the Fishing area from which the product comes is managed according to sustainable and advanced management principles:protection of fish stocks, environmental sea impact, effective management system.
MSC is the acronym which stand for Marine Stewardship Council, an international non profit organization founded in 1997 whose purpose is improving the responsible management of fish sources, ensuring the sustainability of the world’s fish stocks and preservation of the entire marine ecosystem.

We have been certified Cribis Prime Company

Our brand new blue packaging collection box!

Realized for special events – Christmas, Eastern, Opening, etc..- or just to wake up your appetite!



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