Le ricette dei nostri blogger

Giovanni Rossetti is a “gastronaut” researcher from Rome; thanks to his passion for Garum and his undaunted perseverance in studying, he succeeded in reviving the ancient Roman elixir of many virtues, a protein extract made from fish, herbs, vinegar and salt. Giovanni has shared with L’Isola D’Oro Garum’s secret recipe, which has been revisited according to current tastes and rules whilst remaining faithful to the original. His first objective was to spread knowledge about this typically Italian product that used to be as popular in Imperial Rome as olive oil is nowadays; his second objective was to make it available on the market.

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Ilaria Bertinelli started her collaboration with L’Isola D’Oro in 2017 when she was declared winner of the VI edition of the “Chef Giuseppina Carboni” Rice Food Blogger Contest, a national event that featured several L’Isola D’Oro products. The outcome of the event was a book of recipes and stories titled “Food Blogger in viaggio”, i.e. Food Blogger on the Go: This was the beginning of many collaborations, solid friendship and respect. Ilaria was born in Parma from a family of farmers. She became a professional conference interpreter and a food entrepreneur for love. Following the onset of diabetes and celiac disease in her daughter, she decided to step into the world of food diversity, thus making evident that following a special diet does not mean eating worse than those who can freely choose. The continuing dialogue with Ilaria will soon lead to an innovative publication dealing with culture, gastronomy and science-based tips.

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Cristina Polizzi is our reference blogger and influencer in the UK. She landed in London 20 years ago and thanks to her Roman appeal, she has become a point of reference for typically Italian recipes and dining traditions. 
Personality and smile are her identifying marks. The dishes she cooks, photographs and describes are easy and healthy, definitely for a British visitor who wants to discover Italian delicacies starting from the best ingredients.

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