SARD580 Flat sardine fillets in sunflower oil - Hermetic jar 580

Flat fillets of sardines are placed in several types of packages having different sizes and shapes in order to have a nice and captivating appearance.
The 580-grams glass jar of sardines in sunflower oil can be used in many ways and satisfy the needs of families, snack bars, restaurants and anyone who loves to create eye-catching appetizers.


We recommend using these sardine fillets to garnish sandwiches, appetizers and main courses for dinners, convivial banquets and aperitifs.
The 580-grams glass jar is fit for snack bars, kebab shops, take-away pizzerias and sandwich shops and it can be sold in delicatessens and local stores.


Average nutritional values per 100g of product:

energy kJ 815/kcal 196
fats 14 g
of which: saturated fatty acids 2,6 g
carbohydrates 0 g
of which: sugars 0 g
proteins 18 g
salt 8,90 g