Maria Amelia Anedda

Ristorante Les Caves

Wholegrain Rigatoni with salted anchovies, Parma ham, Parmesan cheese and asparagus


Wholegrain Rigatoni pasta

1 jar L’isola D’Oro Aliciotte

Parma ham

Parmesan cheese


EVO oil



Blanch the asparagus, drain and cut in pieces and set aside the tips for decoration.
Place the asparagus stems in a pan with 2 tbsp of EVO oil and 4 anchovy fillets in oil.

Sauté for short time and let the anchovies dissolve in the oil.
Cook the Rigatoni “al dente” and sauté in the pan with the dressing.

Plate and add the asparagus tips, dust with the Parmesan cheese, the Parma ham cut in strips and enough freshly ground pepper.

Make sure not to add salt to the pasta cooking water.