L’Isola D’Oro expresses itself in its well known fish preserves that are processed and packed in Italy, following tradition.
Blue Fish, tuna fish, anchovies, mackerels, sardines – is the core business of this Company which was born and grew in Parma, the heart of the so-called “Food Valley”, there where you find the E.F.S.A.’s European headquarters. Pesce azzurro is addressed to the global, contemporary market which is well represented by the GD (“Large Retailers”) and DO (“ Organized Distribution”) stores, both national and international.

L’Isola D’Oro is proud to give its Clients an efficient and complete service by addressing both distribution and consumers in order to create precious connections between different entities which are complementary.

We select the best raw material available on the market and we have it transformed into masterpieces by the skilfull hands of the time honored italian’s culinary tradition chefs.

In addition to pesce azzurro, the Mediterranean nourishment from L’Isola D’Oro offers also a rich range of ten ready-to-use, tasty tomato sauces with shellfish, crustaceans and medium size fish, clams and mussels au naturel, in addition to dried fish eggs and tuna belly, all in different sizes and weights to meet all demands.
The constant creation of new, brand and private label-oriented products and lines, the expert use of glass that makes quality immediately perceivable on sight, the product research and technological innovation, the revised traditional recipes, the packaging, the graphics choices, the communication.. all these success factors give the Company the resilience and the attention to the customers that are its strength and transformation points.
Transformation is in L’Isola D’Oro’s DNA for if you want to bring out the best of a product like preserved seafood you need to master the processing and packing phases that are closely connected to specific proficiencies, in order to determine the subsequent final result on the market.

The desires and needs of individual and communities, be them economic, cultural, ethical or of well-being are filtered by the Company thanks to an integrated system of gathering information online and offline. This way an advanced Marketing Dept. is able to deliver the figures related to demand and needs in the very moment they generate in order to create the synergy among the company’s different divisions, from production to sales, research & development, quality control and active cooperation with the representatives of modern distribution.

Our look has changed with time

The communication for the logo and the aspects of every product is fundamental for the evolution of the company.
The tuna in glass jars offers an insightful first glimpse into our company.
The initial consideration in creating this easy-to-recognize packaging was a strategic one, creating something that stands out on store shelves, adding memorable fonts and the cartoon-strip images for a visual-cultural synergy.
Tonnotto has, like all of our products, a colorful, joyful and very noticeable label that stands on the shelves. Even a child or an older person can recognize it. On the logo a funny little blue fish swims out of the label and the top, bringing back memories of childhood, of family stories and movies, of happy endings and togetherness.
All this went into the creation of the “Tonnotto” label. The importance of the product name takes precedence over that of the company. This choice was made with the determination to present every single one of our products as a unique jewel of the company.
Isola d’Oro, the company brand is always present, strictly adhering to the laws and regulations, and maintaining its well known colors.
Ten years ago we decided to show very clearly on the sticker the ingredients and their sources. After a long and intensive search with a photographer in Sicily, the land of making and packaging of the Tonnotto, we found the traditional Sicilian horse carriage, which was present on our products until 2014.
The Isola d’Oro brand was itself shaped according to this vision, promoting the fishing culture in Italy and all over the world, enriching the final product inside the jars.
The third look opens the way to the creation of a new brand, Isola d’Oro, which aims to bring together the research and marketing work of the last twenty years, the careful and lawful writing of ingredients and the company’s maturing market awareness.
The third Tonnotto label is more streamlined and elegant, the blue belonging to the world of seafood products, the fonts are still like the originals and the result is a product that has become more adult and essential, ready to be the first in a long line of success.


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