Cous cous con vegetali , mozzarella bufala e sgombro grigliato


Cantabrian Sea Anchovies, processed and packaged by hand by L’Isola D’Oro in Italy, are a sensory delight.
Size and flesh make them soft in the palate, meaty to taste, and their irresistible aroma delights the olfactory senses.
Preserved in olive oil they keep their full flavour unchanged!


Skilfully grilled tuna and mackerel fillets become enticing and caramelised, they melt in the mouth and you keep coming back for more. 

Covered with olive oil, every bite releases an amazing flavour.

L'Isola D'Oro assortment

Il Tonnotto

Le Aliciotte

Il Cantabrico

Lo Sgombrotto

Sughi di Mare

Sapori di Mare

Le Sardine

Le Vongolotte

Our brand new blue packaging collection box!

Realized for special events – Christmas, Eastern, Opening, etc..- or just to wake up your appetite!